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Once your profile is posted, our executives will let it travel end to end to the mail boxes of thousands of consultants in INDIA. We are a company that markets the excellent people assisting them in finding new positions worldwide. We have a unique business model and are an alternative to recruiters and outplacement. Our process will assist you in further enhancing your goals in today's global marketplace, exploring diverse industries, exploiting your experience and cultural adaptability and prepare you to approach new industries and/or organizations and upgrade your lifestyle.

Ctag expload is a Profile sharing service that helps you send your Profile to relevant consultants, who are looking for similar profile candidates as yours. This service gives you easy access to top career opportunities throughout your interested location.

How this service works

Ctag expload sends your profile to the top relevant consultants that who are looking for people with your similar Functional Area, Location, and Work experience. Once the consultants’ requirements are matched to your profile, your Profile is emailed to these consultants within 7 to 15 Days of service activation.

Rs: 2600


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